Freepbx External call to Follow Me Mobile

Hi Guys,

We have been using freepbx for a couple of years and only understand the basics.

We have our trunks setup.

Our extensions and ring groups. an inbound route and an outbound route.

All setup following guides in the past and trial and error.

All working and we haven’t ever had to touch it.

I have noticed something odd and always ignored it. If an internal extension calls a follow me that is being forwarded to a mobile phone number it works.

If we try and change the route of an inbound external number to that same extension with the follow me forwarded to a mobile it doesn’t work.

as if external cant be routed in and back out externally.

We have also read lots of posts about using Misc destinations and custom extensions and point that to a mobile number and tell the inbound route to use that and it should work. ive tried and not had any luck.

I have spent the last 3 hours trying to get this working and I’m having no joy. Hope you can help.

i have changed the route for 01535646757 to goto a misc destination and entered my mobile 07595597988

i get the error your call cannot be completed as dialled

removed log

Your SIP trace shows it is not attempting to call the mobile at all. Check that you have an Outbound Route that is not restricted by caller ID and matches the mobile number in the format you entered. If you can’t spot the trouble, paste the Asterisk log for the failing attempt at and post the link here.

ok i assume you mean enter the mobile number 07595597988 in an outbound route in the caller id box.

hasn’t seem to have changed anything

Removed link

is it anything to do with the dial plans?

all we have set is X. and a list of allowed extensions

No. Route CID is the caller ID to send on a outbound call. For example, if you had an incoming number in Paris, you might set up a route so when your users call France, it would display the Paris number to the called party, so the customer could return the call without an international charge. In your application this field should be blank.

Yes, that is likely your problem. Such a setup is quite unusual; most organizations permit domestic outbound calling from all extensions, perhaps with a few restricted ones. At least for testing, set up an Outbound Route with a Dial Pattern that has the CallerID field blank.

If you have e.g. a primary school where most extensions (in classrooms) are restricted to only internal calls, you could set up a route with Dial Patterns that match only the follow-me mobile numbers, with the CallerID field blank.

Once you get past the current issue, note that the default forwarding would attempt to display the number of the original caller on the mobile. If your account with Voipfone does not allow you to send an arbitrary caller ID and your trunk is not set up to force a number that you have with them, the outbound call could be rejected. (Though if this happens, it should be obvious from the SIP trace.)

Removed Log

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