FreePBX EPM and Sangoma P330

We are running FreePBX and are testing the P330 on firmware release 4.6.3. It seems as though when using endpoint manager, we are unable to:

  • Assign additional line buttons. We follow the instructions that say add a BLF key and specify the account. This does nothing.

  • Change the horizontal soft key assignments. If we change the assignment on a key in EPM, save the changes, then save/rebuild/update, when we go back in and look, the option has been reset to the default inside of EPM.

  • We are unable to assign any apps to the line keys. The only options seem to be BLF and Speed Dial. Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

We were also testing the P315 inside of EPM and a lot of it’s functionality was broken as well. I am used the S505 and S705 phone which work very well inside of EPM. I know the P series phones are newer, but there’s so much that doesn’t work. Again, unless I am missing something completely.

The P370 uses DPMA apps (Digium Asterisk apps) and only partly the phone apps. This is true for the P330 too, I think.
Did you activate the https port for phone apps? Certificate ok?

I am using HTTP for phone apps. And some of the apps seem to work fine. It’s more about the fact that I can’t assign any of the apps to the line keys. They can only be assigned to the horizontal soft keys. And when I try to rearrange what apps fall on which keys, the changes seem to get erased each time I save/rebuiild/update.

Phone apps need HTTPS…its a requirement per the wiki

Okay. I have the ACME certificate installed. I have tested it through the browser and I get a proper lock icon with no SSL integrity warnings. I have made sure that the phones are provisioning over TLS. However, this doesn’t seem to have changed anything. Here are some specific examples:

  • Record button will not work at all.

  • Parking button will work, but can’t be moved around. When you try to save/rebuild/update, it keeps getting reset inside of the EPM template. I have tried creating a new template, using the default template, nothing works. All of our S505’s and S705’s work without issue. I realize it’s a different platform of phone, but I don’t understand why these simple changes won’t work.

So confused. :frowning:

The P330 is based on the Digium D65, it is not related to the S705.
Which apps work…and which don’t?
I had a similar issue with a new P370. My certificate was ok, but still call_log, parking and visual voicemail did not work. The record button I did not test.
My problem was that the phone apps https port was not reachable for the phone. Did you check your firewall settings?

Well, at this point, I’ve only looked at the ones I care about. Contacts, parking, and status all seem to work fine. Recording is the only one that won’t work. However, pressing *1 during a call does work.

I am also wondering though, why I can’t assign apps to the line keys? Is that just the way these phones work? Do you have to use the horizontal keys for anything app related, and the only thing the line keys can be used for is BLF’s and speed dials?

The firewall between the voice and PBX network is wide open. The firewall on the PBX itself is also set to allow the entire voice network. Also, when running a tcpdump during a call, pressing the record button does yield two-way communication between the phone set and the PBX, I just don’t have the skill to fully understand the traffic I am looking at.

I am just a user (of the P370)…no expert…
To me it seems that most of the original phone apps are not used by the P370…
The Digium phones (D65, D80) had their own (superior) apps, like e.g. visual voicemail. Currently, the software of the P-series phones does not support all hardware features…so I think it will take a few months…

We are looking for a replacement for all of our S705’s, so I had hoped the P330 would be it. Hopefully, like you said, it will be in the near future. Thanks for your help!

I like my new P370…it is reliable and well designed, but e.g. I haven’t seen any Wifi settings…yet it should have Wifi.
So I assume the software is not complete yet…

We’ve started replacing the S series with the ClearlyIP handsets, not sure if they have all of the same Phone Apps but certainly have found them easier to deploy and manage.

How have you determined it’s not working? There is a cosmetic issue with the button, in that it doesn’t say lit when enabled, but the recording is actually being generated. There is also no tone indicating recording has started/stopped, which I’m looking into as well.

Just by going into the CDR reports and seeing that there is no recording. Pressing *1 during an active call results in expected behavior (single beep to start, double beep when stopped, recording shows up in CDR). We do not have the commercial call recording module. And yes, the soft button gives no indication about anything happening either.

In my testing, using the record button, everything works identically as if using DTMF *1 other than what’s noted above. If you don’t see that, then pls open a support ticket.

Yes, I have a ticket open. If I wind up with a solution, I’ll be sure to post it here. Especially if it turns out to be something that I have been doing wrong.

Do you know this wiki page? Here you can see the current state of features…

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I’m also having a similar issue. P325, just configured HTTPS with ACME lets encrypt and the phones provision, but wont pull button mapping and the apps wont work with https enabled. With just HTTP, the buttons appear, but apps like parking still dont work properly.

Short explanation: If you’re not on a clean install of FreePBX, try using a fresh install. Especially if your current installation was from a previous version and then upgraded.

Long explanation: I’ve only recently made progress on this issue, so I haven’t posted an update yet. But here is what we did to resolve the issues. My PBX instance had been originally installed as a v15, but then was upgraded to v16. We had also changed many aspects of the configuration for testing purposes on this machine. We weren’t having any issues when it came to testing Sangoma S series phones, so we assumed that the issue wouldn’t have been with the PBX itself. However, after we did a fresh install of FreePBX v16, the issues seem to be resolved. The contacts button and recording button now work fine. It looks like we can reassign their positions now as well. Any other issues we were having were due to ignorance on our part about how the P series phones are designed to work.

Interesting. I’m working with a brand new FreePBX appliance 40 that came with 15 and I upgraded to 16. Did you end up restoring from backup or starting from complete scratch?

First we restored from backup, which seemed to fix things. Once we realized that, we did a fresh install again and rebuilt by hand in order to avoid any other problems that may have been carried over during the restore. I realize that this may not be an option for complicated installs, but since this is a testing server, we decided to nuke it and start from scratch.