FreePBX / Endpoint Manager - Provisioning Error - Grandstream GXP2170

Issue: Factory Reset a GXP2170 phone and upon reboot the phone receives the company logo, the button configuration, even the city for weather. It does not get the registration server IP address nor the SIP account password.

We have been running this FreePBX for about 4 years. I do not know when this issue actually started as this is the first time in several years I have had to factory reset a phone. Endpoint manager is licensed.

FreePBX is version
Endpoint Manager is version
GXP2170 Firmware version

I would really appreciate if anyone has any breadcrumbs to toss on my trail to lead me to a solution.

Thanks in advance.

rebuild the the extension in EPM if you haven’t.

Are you using TFTP or HTTP for the provisioning?

I am using TFTP
I will attempt a delete and reconfigure now…
This instance happened only to one phone, but to troubleshoot I have factory reset 2 more phones and they are showing the same symptom.

There is no need to delete anything. just rebuild the extension in EPM. Then verify the files are all put int he /tftpboot folder as they should be.

Well the file for the mac address of this phone is created. I searched and found that P34 is the password for account 1 and has the password I configured in FreePBX. P47 and P48 are the registry server and outbound proxy and they have the IP address. However it does have a colon on the end as if there would be an associated port or something. but it ends with the colon. When I enter the phone GUI these fields are blank.

Thank you for the replies. I appreciate your time. I thought I’s also mention…
If I enter only the missing information and save the phone registers immediately.

Manually edit the file with nano and remove the colon. Then default the phone again. See if it works.

Then if so, submit a bug report

Again, thank you… A new discovery. If I simply put the password into the phone… it will not save and apply. Only if I put the IP addresses in will it save the password… Perhaps the colons are not being accepted by the phone and there for deleting the password…

Testing, I will report soon.

No, the phone did not register when I removed the colons using nano. I also deleted the files after this test, and then regenerated them using EPM and then rebooted the phone and it responded the same.

I rebooted the FreePBX system as well and re-tested with the same result.

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