FreePBX / Endpoint Manager - Phones Restarting

First I’d like to extend a thank you to anyone who can assist me with my issue. For the last few years I have been responible for managing my company’s Trixbox and we recently switch to FreePBX.

To give a quick rundown - We have FreePBX running Endpoint Manager We have two types of phones running in our environment, the Linksys SPA942 and the Cisco SPA504G.

Both types of phones properly pull their configuration from the TFTP server, boot, and connect to the PBX. Users can make and receive calls. Everything seems to be running just fine.

The only issue we’re having, which is more of an annoyance, is at least once a day, all phones will reboot. They do not all reboot at the same time and they never reboot when someone is on a call. The phones will wait for a call to finish before gracefully restarting.

Nothing I can find in Endpoint Manager seems to instruct the phones daily. I don’t see any CRON jobs scheduled to restart the phones.

I can provide phone firmware versions and log and config files if anyone needs them.

Thanks again.

Look for the resync interval in the phones config file or the base config for the model.

Wow. Ever look at something and just glance right over it?

I appreciate the quick response, thanks again for your help.

Changed it to 0, now my boss won’t be on my back about it. :slight_smile: