freePBX does not install on HP 260 Pro Mini G9. Is there any way to solve it?

Hi everyone, I would like to install FreePBX on an HP Pro mini 260 G9 ( I have the problem that once the installation boots I get a Kernel Panic message and the installation freezes. This PC does not have Legacy Bios support but only UEFI (I don’t know if that is the problem) but the fact is that the installation does not proceed. I have already tried with different tools to write the ISO to USB without solving and secure boot already disable without solve Is there any way to solve the problem? Thank you.

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If this is not for production but only for playing with it and learning things you might be better served trying to install FreePBX17 and seeing if that works for you.

Thank you @dobrosavljevic . But where’s the problem? Because seem to be the storage isn’t unrecognized. Kernel?

If you are getting a kernel panic, it is either the result of a catastrophic shortage of memory, a kernel problem, a hardware problem, or a device driver problem. DAHDI is the only driver that might be installed, but that will happen late.

I would suggest that you need to do a manual install, i.e. install Linux, then build DAHDI and Asterisk on that system, and install FreePBX on top of that. Many users of FreePBX do not need DAHDI.

Or deploy a virtual machine platform and go from there.

The photo shows only nvme as a clue, nvme is the ‘connector’ between your ssd and the kernel. . . .