freePBX Documentation for Dummies

New to voip here so probably lots of dumb questions. The problem I’m having is I seem to be surfing for hours on end trying to find a basic setup tutorial - I don’t know enough about it to know the subtle differences between distros and there are alot of dead links on the documentation. Furthermore, most of it is for old versions - I am running freePBX 2.10 / Asterisk 1.8 and some of the use of terminology is inconsistent… grrrr…

Here’s where I’m at: I purchased my sip numbers and a VPS. I can log onto my freePBX admin page but that about as far as I’ve gone. Why can’t I find some basic tutorials on doing the following?

  1. Configuring my sip trunks for send and receive.
  2. Adding a softphone extension.
  3. Adding a voip phone extension.

All I want to do right now is get the system up and running so that I can send/receive calls on the softphone as I need to get my phone lines live. Setting up the balance of the system (IVR etc seems somewhat straight forward). My sip/VPS provider has exactly zero information on their web site.

Have you had a look at:

Middle of page links to Getting Started, keeping it upgraded and Initial Setup Guide, and…

In the upper right under Quick Nav on the forum pages, you “should” see Documentation. Here is the link anyway…

Lastly, have a look at trixbox 2 Without Tears a pdf. (Google it. Lots of places to download it). trixbox is a dead distro based on FreePBX. There are a lot of similarities and the basics are pretty much the same.

You “should” be able to get going with that stuff in hand.

Good luck!