Freepbx + Docker

Hi. I used the instruction tiredofit/docker-freepbx.
The call goes, but no voice is heard and after 30 seconds it interrupts. I found the problem.
The call always comes on behalf of the server whose actual ip in the docker is, and the call comes to ip subnets. It turns out like this 100 @ → 101 @ and 101 @ → 101 @
There is no routing between the docker network and the local network.
Is there some way to make it call directly from the device to the device? What is this parameter? Or how to solve this problem?

Most seasoned folks here don’t think that FreePBX and Docker are a good match for many reasons (you can search the fora for that)

What is your need for it?

Here’s the guy who created FreePBX and his opinion :slight_smile:

There was a good discussion about it during the last #OpenSourceLounge.

FreePBX can run in docker, and is extremely helpful for testing. But is challenging and shouldn’t be used in a production environment.

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