FreePBX Docker Container

Good Morning,

I have been investigating running freepbx as a docker container.

I’ve found a few examples of this but am having trouble getting feedback on if it works well long term. Is anyone running freepbx as a docker container? Does it work well?

Here are a few reference links that indicate it is possible… but nothing about how well it works and if anyone still uses it after the initial neat factor wore off:


Found another repo that states the container runs an office with 50 extensions without issue:

We’ve only ever worked with ^

Good to know. Thanks for the reply.

Why did you pick to use an ubuntu based image to build upon instead of CentOS 6? CentOS appears to be the recommended platform per

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Forgot to ask what your thoughts were. How did it perform? Were you happy with it?

The guy only came here to ask questions. We had no input on development or choices made.

Interesting but unfortunately the files seems to be 2 years old.

well this post is over a year old so…