FreePBX Distro Wiki suggestions for improvements and Wikipedia FreePBX Distro page update

FreePBX Wiki is more and more the place in which we can found informations and updates about FreePBX/FreePBX Distro and related relevant topics.

In regarding to recent updates on FreePBX Distro Wiki page (especially considering information available on Updating FreePBX Official Distro Wiki page) would be nice to see the FreePBX Distro’s Wikipedia page updated as well (or, at least, see that working links pointing to the relevant FreePBX Wiki pages are not removed, if possible).

I say that because I think it’s important to avoid the presence of different (or non-consistent) informations on different sources: such situations can confuse users or newbies in learning what is the FreePBX Distro.

I personally made some uncoordinated updates (between January and April 2013) on the Wikipedia page because I felt the information was a little bit outdated for that date. Actually I don’t understand if anybody here (at FreePBX Wiki) will care about that page at all…

Regarding the Updating FreePBX Official Distro Wiki page someone should at least correct the CentOS operating system name (actually Centos, should be CentOS).

Regards, Davide.

I’ve updated both the page and the wikipedia pages for the Distro

I see, that’s good. Best regards, Davide.

Preston wrote the wikipedia article so yes it is something we take into consideration. Thanks for your input!