FreePBX Distro USB Version

After hearing alot of request to have a easy ISO to use off of a USB thumb drive for installing the FreePBX Distro and since more and more servers are no longer coming with a CD-ROM we have tweaked our build servers to also build a custom .img file for every .iso file it builds.

I have a test version of this .img file for the next upcoming release of 3.211.63-9 which is due out by the end of this week. I would like to get a few people to test this image on a variety of servers to make sure we have our basis covered.

You can download the .img image from here. Once downloaded please follow this wiki on how to transfer the image properly onto your USB drive so Linux can boot off of it.

Please report back your hardware you used and your results in this post.  Thank You.

At last! I will try this out right now.

I tried this install method here with latest FreePBX-4.211.64-7-x86_64-Full-1379605000 img build. I can confirm that it does NOT work at any (U)EFI based Apple computer because the file system ext2 is not supported by their (and most others) EFI implementation. (It must be FAT32 so far I know.) Furthermore some EFI boot files are missing in this build (“EFI” and “Images” folder). Well this could be fixed very easy…
Strange, it is written that this IMG build has GPT format layout, - will not cause that a huge problem on legacy BIOS systems? I think they should have legacy MBR format, or not?