FreePBX Distro SNG7 64-bit: x86 & ARM (aarch64)?

Hello together,

one short question, as this is not detailed on the download site of the FreePBX distro:

the FreePBX distro SNG7 64-bit can be used also for arm (aarch64 / Raspberry 3B ARMv8) as RHEL/CentOS are supporting this architecture?

Thx for a short clarification.

Best regards,

The distribution is not available for ARM or Raspberry Pi.

Hello Joshua,

thanks for the quick response.

Any specific reason, as these days it is “just” an additional CPU architecture already supported by the underlying OS-base?


I’m not on that team so I can’t comment any further on direction or reasons why not - merely that it isn’t.

Until recently, there was a distro dependency that would not support Arch. That dependency is not present in 16, so there is a possibility of supporting alternate CPUs, though there there is no immediate plan to do so at this time. It’s possible for future tho.

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