FreePBX Distro scripted user creation?

I am working on a new system setup and one main objective is to have the ability to add users through the corporate user creation script that is used to create the user in LDAP and AD with one script. This same script also adds the user to a couple of other interfaces too such as non-exchange email etc. I had hoped to use asterisk realtime in static mode to accomplish this. I also really want to use the FreePBX distro for our management. Upon digging into these two desired components I realized that I cannot use FreePBX with realtime.

So now to my question. Is there any means in FreePBX by which I can script the addition of a user, short of searching and replacing through a flat text file? I don’t mind if it requires a reload of asterisk, only that I can add it to our script.

This is a brand new install, so I could do asterisk 13 or 11 but I want to use FreePBX 12.

Can you be specific about “User”

Do you mean extension, UCP? What are you trying to add?

We want to be able to add an extension with all of it’s settings that would be needed to plug in a phone and have him up and running. So ideally extensions form, users form and endpoint manager form. But minimally would be just being able to populate the extensions form via scripting.

If you understand programming:

Should get you in the neighborhood