FreePBX Distro - Recurring Automatic Update Problem

I am currently running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-18. I also use the System Admin Pro Module. Within the module, I have enabled Automatic Updates to keep my system reasonably current with up-to-date patches and security fixes. However, for the last six months or so, every time an automatic update is performed, it always results in the update getting “stuck”. When checking the log, I see this error:

Update currently in progress! Please wait until complete.

2017-02-05 05:00:12: (0) Update already in progress (locked)
2017-02-15 07:15:41: (10.13.66-18) Requesting updates
2017-02-15 07:15:42: (10.13.66-18) Processing update
2017-02-15 07:15:42: (10.13.66-18) Now running 10.13.66-18 script
2017-02-15 07:15:42: (10.13.66-18) Starting stage 1
2017-02-15 07:22:03: (10.13.66-18) Stage 1 complete
2017-02-15 07:22:03: (10.13.66-18) Starting stage 2
2017-02-15 07:24:41: (10.13.66-18) Stage 2 complete
2017-02-15 07:24:41: (10.13.66-18) Stage 3 complete
2017-02-15 07:24:41: (10.13.66-18) Starting stage 4
2017-02-15 07:24:43: (10.13.66-18) Stage 4 complete
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Starting stage 5
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Stage 5 complete
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Starting stage 6
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Stage 6 complete
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Upgrade script complete
2017-02-15 07:24:44: (10.13.66-18) Upgrade process successfully completed!
2017-02-26 05:00:15: (0) Update already in progress (locked)
2017-03-05 05:00:04: (10.13.66-19) Update already in progress (locked)
2017-03-12 05:00:09: (10.13.66-19) Update already in progress (locked)

You can see in that log above where the update to 10.13.66-18 was stalled. I unlocked it, and was able to get it to finish, but as soon as 10.13.66-19 was release, the problem just repeats. The button in the System Admin module that allows me to perform the update immediately is grayed out with the message, “Upgrade in progress”.

I know I can correct the issue according to Lorne’s suggestion:

Does anyone know what may be causing this to happen with every upgrade? Is it unique to my install? Or are others also experiencing a similar recurrence of the locked or stuck updates?

I would love to troubleshoot this and get it resolved. I would appreciate any suggestions you have.


The progress of the previous upgrade will be logged in the file:


You can examine that file and see where the process stopped

Thanks Lorne. I will check the log and post my findings…

Out of curiosity, it doesn’t appear that the 10.13.66-19 update ever actually started based on the log info in my first post. In fact, when I looked in /var/log/pbx/upgrade, there is no 10.13.66-19 file logging the progress. When I examined /var/log/pbx/upgrade/10.13.66-18, there are no errors whatsoever. Every stage of the update was successful. Would that be because I issued the command:

/usr/sbin/sysadmin_update_system --unlock

And then restarted the 10.13.66-18 upgrade?

Interestingly, in the /var/log/pbx/upgrade/10.13.66-18.output file, there was an error when it ran some yum updates regarding the iSymphonyServerV3-fpbx package. Could that be causing the upgrades to hang? If so, I believe that may have been caused because I updated the iSymphony package from within the iSymphony admin GUI. I went that route because it seemed to be the least destructive to existing iSymphony configurations and required the least manual intervention to keep from blowing away my config setup. Specifically, I believe it was related to the fact that I have 2 FreePBX systems connected with iSymphony.

Is that the most likely source of the issue?

If you aren’t actually using iSymphony, I’d disable that and see if those updates are the culprit. Actually, I’d disable it anyway, unless you ARE using it.