FreePBX Distro Proxmox Hardware Requirements

I am preparing to fire up a virtual machine on a Proxmox server to run the FreePBX Distro for a small to medium size business. Right now, I am expecting to have about 50 extensions, and typically there will be about 12-15 simultaneous calls, including both extension to extension and external phone calls. In addition, I plan to use fop2 or iSymphony v3 for call management.

However, I am specifically seeking suggestions regarding sizing the virtual machine. Since there are no hardware requirements available on wiki, I am curious what specs others have used for a virtual machine using KVM technology (not OpenVZ). Could you provide some suggestions regarding:

  • CPU - Socket Count and Core Count? 1 (1 Socket, 1 Core), 2 (1 Socket, 2 Cores), 4 (1 Socket, 4 Cores), or 4 (2 Sockets, 2 Cores)?
  • Hard Disk - IDE or VirtIO?
  • Hard Disk Size - 250 GB?
  • RAM - 8GB?

Thank you for any feedback or experiences you are willing to share.

You can “resize” the memory and CPU’s as needed very easily in ProxMox, I would think that one core and 512-1024 ballooned memory would be sufficient to start. The only thing a little harder to do is compute the hard-disk size reserved, 10g is normally enough but bear in mind the space neded for Voicemails and monitored calls, using .wav uncompressed files, you will need 8kbit/sec of recorded calls.


Thanks for the feedback! I wasn’t sure what impact changing the memory or CPU’s would have on the VM once it was up and running. Especially since the Commercial Modules depend on the Deployment ID, I was afraid I would need to have all the hardware specs exactly right from the start. So, all that is good to know.

So, I gather from your comments that even if running an operator panel like iSymphony, 8GB of RAM is way overkill. For the most part, calls will not be recorded. So, if I were to estimate 120 minutes of voicemail for every extension (overkill again), I would still only need approximately 3GB of hard drive space above the Distro hard drive requirements. Correct?

Thank you very much for the help.

I am guessing that the deployment is probably keyed to the macaddress of your external network (which is both a good and a bad thing for a vm). Java stuff like iSymphony can take a lot of memory but just add some if the machine gets turgid

So, is a 60 GB hard disk more than adequate? Somehow, I feel that is awful small, but perhaps that is due to struggling with too much Microsoft Windows bloat for years…

Most of my instances, similarly dimensioned to yours, have 15G of HDD space.