FreePBX Distro / Notices

Hi thanks for making this easy install distro! I had no problems getting this up and running!!!

I am new to FreePBX and sorry if posting in the wrong place but I am getting this notice after switching to deviceuser mode…

Device & User Hints Issue
You are set to Device and User mode but are not set to ‘Dynamically Generate Hints’ which can result in improper phone state behavior. This can be changed on the Advanced Settings page, check the tooltip for specific configuration details.
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I looked all over the forum for detail on fixing this without luck. I cant find the setting “Dynamically Generate Hints” mentioned in the notice on the Advanced Settings page. Can anyone direct me to this setting?


Ok at the top of Advanced Settings turn the option that says Display Readonly Settings and Override Readonly Settings to true. You will than see under Dialplan and Operational the option that says Dynamically Generate Hints check that to true.

Thank you for instructions! Notice is gone and everything is working :slight_smile:

your welcome

Well everything is working except it is broken :frowning:

There is a bug with the dynamic hints generation that I fixed one or two days ago but I have not published out the framework module to get the fix into the repo yet (it’s in SVN).

I will probably push it out tomorrow as I’m on the road right now and don’t want to push something out and unknowingly break something that I can’t fix being stuck on a plane flying form coast to coast…

the features are not hidden, they are read-only.

We have selectively made some of the Advanced Settings Read-Only with the option to override them simply when we felt that changing such a feature was a more ‘volatile’ action.

You can think of it as simply a “are you really sure you want to do that” type of implied confirmation.

There are hidden settings which you can view if you want, but those settings can not be set in the GUI. They are either used internally in FreePBX, or they must be programmatically set by a module, such as changing views.

Thanks for the details Philippe!

I would still ask why it is easy to enable deviceanduser mode, but requires some extra (enabling hidden menu items) to turn on the feature that is required to go with it.

I get scared when I enable hidden features on a production system.

Let me clarify here.

First of all, nothing has changed between 2.8 and 2.9 other than in 2.9 you use the Advanced Settings GUI to set what used to be done in amportal.conf.

You can switch between extnesions and deviceanduser mode in both cases. In both cases, if you are running in deviceanduser mode then you will want to enable the DYNAMICHINTS which is another settings. And you need to make sure that asteirsk.conf is configured with execincludes=yes. Since we don’t control asterisk.conf, we don’t automatically make this change for you. In 2.9 however, I believe we added a notification if you are running in deviceanduser mode without DYNAMICHINTS which we didn’t mention in 2.8.

The reason why you need the dynamic hints is to make sure when a reload is run from the CLI, that any ahdoc devices that have had login/logout actions on them are appropriate accounted for, otherwise a reload will result in corrupted hint information which will affect some call flow.

Advanced settings is a replacement to having to set things in amportal.conf. It took all of amportal.conf and through it in the database and built a GUI around it. You should not be changing anything in amportal.conf directly as the GUI will override those changes.

I have a question and a suggestion:

  1. In FreePBX 2.8 and earlier, you just needed to change “AMPEXTENSIONS=” to “deviceanduser” in /etc/amportal.conf, and everything just worked. In fact, I’m using it right now, and I love it. Why is it now necessary to change a GUI option as well (and one that is hidden, at that)?

  2. If this change is necessary to make device and user mode work, I’d like to suggest that the GUI make it automatically, just as the GUI changes to showing the device tab and the user tab automatically when you switch to device and user mode.

Alternatively, how about creating a flag on the advanced tab to switch between “extension mode” and “device and user mode” that automatically sets all relevant settings in one fell swoop?