FreePBX Distro - Net Install Boot Error

I have been using the previous versions of freepbx and just decided to upgrade to the latest version.

first off I am running an old system, here are the specs.
Motherboard: AOpen MX46-533V (Latest Firmware and BIOS)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2Ghz
HDD: WD 500GB SATA w/ PCI SATA Controller
NIC: Intel 1Gbps PCI Card

The system works with other distro’s including and not limited to Windows XP Pro, OpenSUSE 11.4, CentOS 5.6 all have been tested by me.

Now to my problem, sorry just want to give as much detail as possible.

When I boot the FreePBXDistro- or it loads the both images fine I think it is the isolinux.bin and the vmlinux and then comes to a stop and locks up my PC I have to do a hard reset.

I may have this backwards but it looks like this.

isolinux …


On other systems I have loaded this distro on then go onto booting the net install. I am not sure if this is a netinstall problem or what is it. Any help would be great


On a side note. I took and image of a completed install and tried to restore it on to this computer, however I am having grub and mount problems.

I just don’t understand how a CentOS DVD install will work fine but this net install does not are they not based of off the centos net install files?