FreePBX Distro installation with 8 port analog card in Hong Kong (PCCW as telecom provider)

Hi All,

Within the next few weeks i’m due to install the FreePBX distro in our hong kong office along with an 8 port analog card using PCCW as the telecom provider.

I was planning on using a Sangoma A200 Series card (8 FXO, E/C - A20008D) as 8 analog lines come into the office. I’m hoping for the most hassle free installation as have only done installations before that used a SIP provider instead of a POTS type installation.

Would people recommend using a Sangoma A200 card or something different that would be more hassle free (with similar features and quality)?

Has anyone done a setup with PCCW before? If so could you please offer any pointers?

Finally, If anyone could point me to some documentaion or recommended reading; that to would be very helpful.

Many thanks,

Sangoma A200 Series -

We have a POP in Hong Kong if you would be interested in SIP trunks “on net” in HK (we are connected to HK Internet Gateway and Level 3) to complement your Analog circuits. We use Cisco gateways that fully support t.38 faxing and have Hong Kong DID’s. If you are interested send me a PM.

Now to answer you question. That Sangoma is the simplest to setup (excellent install script included with distro) and has an excellent warranty. You get what you pay for.

I have a shipment going to Hong Kong this week and could include Sangoma card and have our local rep deliver it for you.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply - this is very helpful.

I think we would be interested in having your SIP trunk complement our analog circuits when needing additional lines or even once I have the analog circuits setup, have as a LCR.

Great news regarding the Sangoma card - I would love to get this through you as have been difficult finding a provider in Hong Kong from here and didn’t want to have to lug everything over.

There is a few things that would be easier for me to order though you, so if you can PM when you’re online, a quick chat would be helpful.

Also, your rep in hong kong; do they do asterisk consulting as I’m rarely over in that office and am looking for asterisk / FreePBX Disto support in HK for if something goes wrong?

Many thanks,