FreePBX Distro Install w/Static IP

So I’ve looked around a bit, but am not finding any answers to this particular question. I’ve been trying to install the FreePBX distro on ESXi, but the install always comes up corrupt, missing fwconsole and a number of other items. Looking around, this seems to be because my setup doesn’t have DHCP, and uses static IPs only, thus the install isn’t getting any outbound access.

Is there a way to set, prior to install, a static IP?


I can’t think of a way with the current setup, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I’m pretty sure the system is desperate for an assigned address to use for the installation, and if you don’t have any kind of IP address assignment, I can see where that would screw you up.

Perhaps this would be a good idea for a Issues Enhancement Ticket?

Is it possible to assign a static dhcp entry in the router/firewall based on the mac address used in the freepbx vm? Or are you trying to do some sort of offline installation?

That’s how I did it here (also running under exsi). Eventually the goal will be to move the pbx (and a few obi boxes) to a dedicated subnet. I’ll be using vlans then. Everything is managed under Sophos UTM.