FreePBX Distro in an OpenStack Cloud?


Does anyone have experience running the FreePBX distro in an OpenStack cloud? I am interested to know if anyone else at our scale (300+ endpoints, 400 SIP channels to ITSPs, connections to a dozen offsite FreePBX servers) has worked in this environment…

We are not using any PRI nor POTS lines with this server–it’s all SIP or IAX2.

Currently, we are running FreePBX on a 12-core server with 128Gb of RAM and various RAID-10 arrays totaling 4Tb of storage (for call recordings). … This is the server I want to virtualize…


I would not virtualize something that big personally.

Thanks for the reply, Tony.

Can you tell me more about why it is not a good idea? My network engineer is quite keen on the idea of the reliability of cloud and our cloud will have dozens of times more power than that single server…

I just see them fall apart all the time when virtualized over a hundred or so extensions. Voice is all realtime and any delay even milliseconds all add up.