FreePBX Distro - Graphics Card Problem

I’m trying to install the latest x32 or x64 bit version of free pbx, It seems to to carry out the main part of the installation but when my pc reboots the screen goes fuzzy and I can just about make out the words radeon, so I’m guessing its something to do with the graphics card.

Any ideas what could be the problem or how I can get around it?

This PC and on board card works fine with other distros like, asterisknow, elastix both of which have freepbx mixed in with them, but I have no idea why I can get past the install.

I’m still looking for help with this problem as I would still like to try out FREEPBX on my system, can anyone give me some input please. :slight_smile:

Those other Distros use a older Centos. My guess is the latest Centos 6.x does not have proper support for your video card. I have the same problem on the latest ATOM boards. I had to use a external video card.

Thanks for your response Tony; I will have to have a look through my box of bits and see if I can find an old graphics card and give it a try then, thanks man!

The fix was to add nomodeset to the end of the kernel boot options

Thanks QBitsJim, I had the same problem and nomodest kernel option worked for me too!

Just thought I would report this as resolving issues with AMD based graphics as well to help future googlers.

I’m running an MSI Board and an AMD 3.4 GHZ Dual-Core APU with the 32-bit version on FreePBX.

And to clarify:
When booting your FreePBX installation, press ‘a’ at the boot loader and it will drop you into a terminal like screen.
Then, add a space after the existing parameters and type:
Press [ENTER] and you should now see a nice graphical loading bar as FreePBX boots up.

Thanks again QBitsJim!