FreePBX Distro and Visually Impaired Accessibility

Greetings folks,
I have no idea where I’m supposed to post something like this. I’m still pretty new around here, so forgive me if this post is violating any rules and/or guidelines.
This is mainly directed at the developers of FreePBX and its distro.
I’m visually impaired/totally blind. I’ve been installing FreePBX on versions of Ubuntu all the time and absolutely love using it in conjunction with Asterisk. However, I have always wanted to try out the FreePBX with Asterisk distro. The problem with this is so far from what I’ve heard is that there’s no accessible screenreader and/or speetch output that would enable a totally blind user to install and use the distro. There are a few screenreaders for Linux distros, the nost known being Speakup, a screenreader commonly found in distros such as Debian, and Orca (my personal favorite), found in Ubuntu.
Both distros have speetch as an option that can be enabled right at disk boot and installation, and I feel if FreePBX’s distro had this it would not only encourage people such as myself to use the FreePBX distro without a second thought, but would also offer opportunities for more visually impaired users to stray from manual installations which can either succeed or fail, and generate more users who will then possibly purchase and use commercial modules.
I’m no linux coder or else I would attempt to install this into the distro myself, however if you guys were to do this, or at least take it under consideration, I would be most grateful, and I know the large community of visually impaired users would appreciate it as well. If you’d like further resources to the screenreaders I mentioned above, or any more input from myself (a blind user), feel free to reply and I’ll do my best to work with you guys.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: