FreePBX-Distro-6.12.65 Install Script?

I found the scripts which let you convert an existing CentOS install but I have been unable to find a script to install the new FreePBX-Distro-6.12.65 version with Asterisk 12.

Does an install script exist for FreePBX-Distro-6.12.65 rather than an ISO? I can’t load an ISO on my VPS that I want to install on.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Just looking to start digging into Asterisk 12 and all things new within it. I also have a need to re-familiarize myself with FreePBX and thought I could do both at once.

I am not looking to run a production system using either FreePBX12 or Asterisk 12 at this time. All my production stuff still runs on 1.8 which, just ready to move forward and the new SIP stack, WebRTC and res_ari. I can dig into these without FreePBX but I wanted to see how FreePBX works in terms of these new features and how it interfaces and makes it all easier etc.

I am in curious mode really at this point, maybe it’s just not time for me to mess with FreePBX 12 just yet and stick with plain vanilla Asterisk 12 until FreePBX 12 is a little further down the road.

Either way, thanks everyone for all the help and advice here. I will weigh and evaluate all comments and suggestions to decide what I want to do next.

No such a script does not exist. You should consider a hosted provider that offers certified FreePBX hosting such as

Thanks, not looking for a host really, I do that… Just looking for the same ability to install on top of existing CentOS that can be done with the stable release, but I want Asterisk 12 :slight_smile:

Again, appreciate your response and help.

Is it possible to install the stable release and then upgrade to the latest version which includes Asterisk 12?

Anything is possible, a script is just not provided. The problem is all the OS has to match. The script for the tribox replaces the CentOS kernel to match the compiled programs (including Asterisk).

Schmooze also no longer uses “stock” CentOS, it’s a totally custom version.

If you do your own hosting why can’t you install the ISO in a VM?

We have no plans for any such thing and new releases of the Distro will no longer have the conversion scripts since we are no longer use CentOS direct.

What I am really trying to accomplish is to install the FreePBX version that includes Asterisk 12 on Digital Ocean VM’s. So when I say I do my own hosting, I mean that I already have a host in mind to do what I want to do. I understand there are off the shelf solutions but that’s not what I am looking for.

Thanks for your help.

OK, thanks for your help. Just looking for a NON ISO type install that I can install on a hosted VM. There are many people using similar services Digital Ocean, Linode etc where you can’t install an ISO (as far as I know).

Just looking for an old school way to install FreePBX but I guess it’s not in the cards. Thanks again.

Yet another user who hasn’t actualkly read the wiki,

At the very top of the link you provided (which I had previously read) it states “FreePBX Version 2.11 Supports Asterisk 1.8, 10, 11. It was released on May, 14th 2013”.

As mentioned previously, I am interested in installing the FreePBX version that now includes Asterisk 12 for specific reasons.

Don’t assume because I have dared asked a question in the forum that I am a NEWB or some kind of chump that didn’t do my research before hand.

Had you read between the lines, you could easily install asterisk 12 (by changing 11 to 12 as appropriate).

I might add that had you really done your research you would no longer think that FreePBX includes any version of Asterisk, it is only an interface written in php to talk to Asterisk(and to an extent Dahdi), It is the FreePBX “distribution” that adds that and as you have found out that is a catch 22 with your chosen platform. If you want dahdi based timing (and you do), you will need to hand roll your system anyway to match the kernel provided by your hosting company. has all the code for FreePBX 12.

He wants Asterisk 12, only FreePBX 12 supports Asterisk 12 so as Tony mentioned until a Tarball is rolled for FreePBX 12 he would have to use GIT.

Once all the dust settles you will be able to install FreePBX and your own Asterisk.

I do think the OP confuses the FreePBX distro with the FreePBX application.

Then I will amend my change 12 for 11 for asterisk with amend 12 for 11 for asterisk and FreePBX and hope that the OP doesn’t mind running beta, it is still beta correct? :slight_smile:

FreePBX 12 is not even Beta yet. It is still Alpha.

Yes SkykingOH, you hit the nail on the head.

Back when I first started messing with FreePBX, there was no such ISO. I only new FreePBX as an add-on to Asterisk. I spend all my time in vanilla Asterisk world and hadn’t looked at FreePBX for a long time. When I started looking at the website, I just ended up clicking on the Distro link. After reading for a while it looked like there was no option to just install over Asterisk anymore.

After looking further I found the scripts that would take a CentOS install and convert it to Distro.

Then I found the info that said that I could in fact install FreePBX over Asterisk like I did in the old days. The documentation I read clearly stated that that version only supported up to version 11 of Asterisk. More reading showed that only the newest version of FreePBX (version 12) would work with Asterisk 12.

Problem was that I could only find references to FreePBX 12 as the Distro version.

I am not new to Asterisk or FreePBX, just a little stale in the brain in regards to FreePBX these days.

With all my confusion, I decided to ask for help in here.

Thank you for your helpful info and thanks to the other gentlemen from Shmooze that offered the Github info etc…

Somehow I have never forced myself to learn out to use Github but I guess it’s time :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help, I think I have a good direction to go in now.

Please do not confuse github with just git. The link I gave you was to our git repos that has all the source for FreePBX 2.10 and newer include FreePBX 12.

Thanks Tony, I did go to the link and I see all the folders and files but, I have no idea what to do with it.

I don’t expect hand holding but if you have a simple direction to point me in, I would appreciate it.

I am not familiar with Git but I am reading up on it now.

I did realize after I started reading the Github tutorials earlier that there was a clear distinction between Git and Github (Github is a tool for Git).

Thanks again.

You run git on your computer and it sync’s the git repo with your local code.

If you have commit priv’s it works both ways.

I am surprised it was that hard to find FreePBX tarball, it’s on the same download page.