FreePBX Distro 2.210.62 Stable Release install


I downloaded FreePBX Distro 2.210.62 Stable Release today and I am trying to install it on a Dell PowerEdge T300 with a SAS raid controller (2 - 160gb drives as raid 1) and a sata cd-rom. I burned the iso to a cdrom and it boots to the disc no problem then I get to the first gui with a blue background and an error window that says “Cannot find kickstart file on cdrom” and my only option is to select OK. I select OK and it gives me a window to put in the path for the kickstart file. So I assume my cdrom is not at the device the system expects it to be, but I do not know how to figure out what the proper device and path it should be looking at. Can anyone lead me to the right path :slight_smile:


I took a look at the cdrom and it appears that the install is looking for a file named “kickstart-simple-asterisk10.cfg” but all the kickstart files are named “kickstart-simple-asteriskasterisk.cfg” etc… I corrected the filename (according with the option I wanted) and it appears to be installing correctly now.

Is this something that needs to be corrected?

Are you trying version 2.210.62-1 or -2

Downloaded it from the link on the download page at Schmooze Com yesterday;


Fixed and pushed a new 64bit ISO

Thank you Tony.