FreePBX Distro - CDR to PostGres Not working

Hello ,

We have lastest FreePBX Distro.

We need to configure CDR reports to saved to other PostGres Server .

As per this Steps we tried to condigure for PostGres :

But FreePBX could not connect to asterisk After configuring parameters (DB Username/Passwd , Server ) of PostGres from FreePBX WebAdmin Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Remote CDR Database

When starting freepbx from command : fwconsole start following error occured

[[email protected] asterisk]# fwconsole start
Asterisk already running
Running FreePBX startup…
Taking too long? Customize the chown command, See
Setting Permissions…
Unable to connect to CDR Database using dsn ‘pgsql:dbname=freebpxcdrdb;host=;port=5432’ with user ‘freebpxcdrappuser’ and password ‘freebpxcdr2019’ - SQLSTATE[08006] [7] invalid connection option “charset”::SQLSTATE[08006] [7] invalid connection option &qu

Also tried to test connection of the PostGres server using psql command and its working fine .

Any help would be appreciated


Only mysql is supported by freepbx

Hello Andrew Nagy ,

Thank you for your reply ,

But in FreePBX Web Console ,It shows both mysql and Postgres ,

If it is not supported by FreePBX then why its showing in freepbx console .

Can you please re-verify and provide if there is any Guide to configure CDR with PostGres

Please find this screenshot :

There’s a lot of features in FreePBX that are not supported, for example: Device & User mode. and I’m sure there are plenty more similar features.

These features are available -with a warning that this is for experts, and you have to know what you are doing.

In your screenshot, if you hover over that little helper icon you’ll see the below.

DO NOT set this unless you know what you are doing. Only used if you do not use the default values provided by FreePBX. Defaults to your configured AMDBENGINE.

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