FreePBX Distro 1.8.X.X system needed to test a theory on


I need someone to get me SSH into a older Distro 1.8.X.X system that I can run upgrade scripts on to see if I can replicate an issue with Original Beta Distro customers trying to upgrade to the latest Distro that is breaking the core module. This would be greatly appreciated and would give someone a free upgrade done on my dime. Thanks

Please no production systems.

I might have an ISO i can VM quickly. Give me a couple minutes?

I have a, nothing older. Let me know if that helps.


I have a VMWare Player image of as well. It is “factory fresh,” and I can get it to you via a Dropbox. You have my email address and # if you need to reach me.

P.S. You might consider using VMWare Player to keep installed archives of all versions.

I should add that I run six installations on VMWare Player through Windows 7 and they continue to run just fine. I don’t use any hardware interfaces, however.