Freepbx disk dimension

I just installed latest distro (2208-2)
Loaded 20 extensions, one trunk, all modules, in-out routes, few announcements, etc.
I’m ended with less of 15GB disk usage (6.5GB root, 7+ GB swap , boot partition and so on)
What’s the real future disk usage needed considering system life (growing configuration, logs etc etc) ?
Which parameters should be considered ?

Thank you

Here is a few things to consider. Only you know your business so I am not sure anyone can give you a precise answer.

Log rotation (how long are you going to keep them?)

Call recordings (yes/no, how long are you going to keep them, how long are you calls, whats the average recording size, how many calls do you get over x period of time)

CDR (how long are you going to keep them)

Using callfiles? (Are you going to archive them? How long?)

Yes, there are many variables affecting disk usage, my question was for a “standard” pbx
I’ve checked my three installations (a pair running by 5 years or so) and they never exceed 10GB (root)
I think for such installations a 16 or 32 GB HDD/SSD would be enough,
But for few tens dollars one can buy a new 120-240 GB SSD :slight_smile:

This is a nebulous statement. It sounds like based on what information you are providing, you will not need any serious allotment of space.

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