Freepbx Disc space Low - due to recordings on Vultr instance

Hi All
I get a lot of advice from this forum and although i have limited knowledge i thought i would give a little back with my low disc space problem. The cause of the problem is a Doctors Surgery with call recording enabled. Although i changed to format from wav to WAV, and delete recordings & empty folders with crontab every 60 days - i was forever getting Email warnings for over 75% disc use (actually varied from 75% to 78%). Being busy i have lived with this for months. Today i “took the bull by the horns”. Having upgraded the Vultr instance previously, i decided to look at block storage - the cheaper option. I followed this excellent article on vultr - Introduction to Object, Block, and Local Storage - - which achieved adding the block storage, formatting it and mounting it - 90% of what i wanted - then i added folders \asterisk\monitor\ to the block storage drive. I then changed the recording location in advanced settings (after turning on Display read only & override read only settings). I then tested - into CDR report - no recording was stored - google - Dicko to the rescue - changed permissions to 777 (cheated - did it with Filezilla - find it much easier) - now we are recording. SSH into switch “mv /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2023 /mnt/blockstorage/asterisk/monitor/” - this moved existing directory - all fine… Except i am stupid sometimes - now getting Email alerts cos block storage is over 75% full (didn’t realise Freepbx would monitor it) anyway the same article above also tells you how to increase block storage - so now we have a 30Gb block and all is well - no alerts and recording working and all previous recordings showing in CDR reports (apart from 10 mins switching over). For the nervous ones of you the move directory command took a while to run but it worked.
Just thought i would share and maybe it will help somebody. Keep up the good work and thank for previous advice.


One last thing - if you do this don’t forget to edit crontab to delete from the new location after 60 days.

I will be facing exactly the same issue shortly too, is there a reason you didn’t mount the block storage directly at /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/?

No - as i said, i am no expert - maybe that is the best way to do it, but it also works as above.

No expert here either, just noticed you’d done things slightly differently to how I was planning and I was curious as to whether you’d found that it didn’t work.

In fact as you’ve done it makes it much more flexible than how I was planning.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this journey, it’s that there’s never “one best way”.

If you mount the block storage to the same location you won’t be able to move old recordings to it. The way @tcmtelecom_stu is doing it allows you to move in old recordings to the new storage.

Well spotted @dobrosavljevic - i knew there must be a reason. :grinning:

i suggest a good working knowledge of ‘bind mounts’ would make things easier here.

One could mount it elsewhere, copy the files and then remount to the indended location.

My thinking was that there would be no paths to change that way.

That is also a valid solution.

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