FreePBX - DISA with voice message

I want to listen to voice message before enter the number in DISA, is there a method?
P.S. I’ve tried with Text-to-Speech but i listen to nothing.

You mean that you want to play a message to the caller before reaching Disa?

Point the original destination to an announcement which will play the recorded message, and set the failover to DISA

i’ve done it, but i hear nothing despite i’ve opened SIP port 5060 and RTP range ports 10000 - 20000 on my router and i’ve disabled firewall. Another thing, when i call a number on DISA, if it is an external number, it will ring for 2 seconds and then hangup the call, while, if it is an extension, it will ring but there is an issue to transmit the hangup call.

Please post a call log

Here there’s log link:

Now it calls but it rings for 2-3 seconds and i don’t hear nothing announcement.
This is the NEW logs:

In this log it goes straight to DISA, you didn’t point it to any announcement.

What is 1000?

1000 is ring group. Is there a default voice message in DISA?
In the second log file there is announcement.

When I call with DISA, i can talk but i can’t hear nothing and the called can only hear me.

Issue solved, it was the trunk that had issues. I didn’t know. Thanks.

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