FreePbx - Directory Module - has lost a screw or two?


Asterisk Version: 18.20.2
Directory Module: 16.03

very strange, i could swear this was working, but now all of a sudden, my directory module isn’t returning back the correct extension that was entered.

if I enter “pet”/738 its returning “Lori Rxxxx”
If i enter “ale”/253 it returns “Emily Dxxxxx”
If i enter “lis”/542 it returns 2 extensions “Lisa xxxxx” and “Natasha Mnnn” – how it thinks Natasha groups into this – not sure

no ryhme or reason. I deleted all the extensions and re-added, but still same behaviour

not sure what’s going on.


The directory looks at all the words, first and last. It also looks at all the variations of the letters the number represent. That means there will be at least a half dozen or so combos to check and even though you are entering 738 for “pet” it’s going to match any of the combos. So for 738 it would be a REGEX looking like:

/(^| )[pqrsPQRS][deéèêëfDEÉÈÊËF][tuùûüúvTUÙÛÜÚV]/

That’s going to look at string with either pqrsPQRS as the first character or has a space before pqrsPQRS (i.e. first and last) so if Lori’s last name is R[deéèêëfDEÉÈÊËF][tuùûüúvTUÙÛÜÚV] it’s going to match.

Since we can’t see full names (understandable) we can’t tell you if the match happened because of the last name or not. However, entering 542 will never match “lis” because 2 is a/b/c.

thanks for your notes. i was under the impression it was only the beginning “pet” or the last name “bev” etc.
even when i typed in my full name… “peter” it started saying “lori rad…” not even giving me a change to finish, didn’t even mention my name.

i believe there’s something wrong in the versions noted above, on my live system if i enter “738” it returns my account correctly, if i enter 547 it returns “2” entries… Lisa L and Lisa M – which is correct. I think there’s something off on my new system

my live system is running an older version.

Found the problem…

when creating the “greet.wav” files for each mailbox via TTS, i had to then re-convert them into the proper freepbx format… looks like when I was saving the files back, I had saved some of them to the incorrect mailbox,

hence… looking for “peter” always returned “lori”… well that’s becuase i copied her greet.wav into my extension folder.


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