FreePBX Digium phone Digitmap

Hi Everyone.
I’m needing some help with updating the Digitmap on D40, D62 and D80 phones.
I have not found any setting in FreePBX that allow me the change what the phone is allowed to dial.
This is newly installed system. FreePBX, Asterisk 16.
I have the Digium Phone Module enable. Phone are currently using it via DPMA to grab configs.

The phones are loading this digitmap. [0-8]xx|911|9411|9611|9011xxx.T3|91xxxxxxxxxx|9[2-9]xxxxxx|*xxx.T3

I have 4 digit ext numbers and dial out with 8 as a leading digit, so this clearly isn’t correct.

If this was an S7xx phone I can change the dial pattern in EPM. EPM has a few bugs, manly the contacts and date/time don’t work for me.

So again. I’m looking for a way to use the Digium Phone Module and edit the phone’s dialmap also known as the dial plan.

One more thing. I even tried to create a phone cfg file. It loads the user account, but still not the dial plan.


I found the answer!
Dial Plan on Digium phones in FreePBX is called Digit Map.
On each extension on the “Other” tab, under Digium Phone Line Options you’ll find Digit Map.

Even though the json conf file uses an attribute dial_plan. In the FreePBX GUI it’s called Digit Map

Various vendors call it various things. FreePBX had to choose a name.

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