FreePBX & Digium D70 phone side buttons

I’m trying to get a Digium phone to show a list of local extensions from FreePBX in its side buttons (soft keys?). I keep finding stuff about using EPM vs DPMA, but I can’t figure it out. I see how I could manually enter contacts in the soft keys to fill in the sidebar, but isn’t there a way to just show a particular group from Contact Manager or something like that? Thanks!

I have read and read on this.

What I understand is that Smart BLF is supposed to be able to pull an address book and fill in the side car button info. @mdavenport referred to in 2020 to a document I can no longer find, but the quoted part indicates I need to make sure to set the blf_contact_group in res_digium_phone.conf.

But when I went to lookup how, I saw that in 2021 @lgaetz pointed out that I’m not supposed edit that file directly at all.

So… I’m left wondering how I’m supposed to do this…

If anybody can shed any light, I’d be grateful.

EPM does not support defining buttons this way. You set the button label and dial string individually in the EPM template.

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Thank you! It’s a bit disappointing to see this feature regression, but I’m so relieved to finally have clarity on the answer to the question.

I think the control you get, to lay out what you need, is a good trade compared to the inflexibility of the older functionality that didn’t have any options / blindly did a thing.
That’s certainly a matter of opinion.

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