FreePBX deployment not showing up in Sangoma portal

When I log in to my Sangoma Portal, my newly created FreePBX installation isn’t listed. Below is information about thge configuration. I am unsure how to get the machine to register within my portal. All firewall rules appear appropriate and machine definitely has access to the internet as it is fully updated.

I have FreePBX installed and updated.
Current PBX Version:

PBX Distro:

Asterisk version:
Current Asterisk Version: 20.2.1

Deployment ID has been issued and it’s listed as activated:

his machine has been activated.

Deployment ID

(Deployment ID is listed)

Activation Expiry


…additional information from the log file:
Hardware-Locked: Yes
Produced-By: Schmooze Communications
Product-Name: PBXact
Registered-To: XXXXXXXX (8 number DeploymentID listed)
branding: FreePBXDistro
deploy_type: OSS
deployment_id: XXXXXXXX (8 number DeploymentID listed)
deploymentid: XXXXXXXX (8 number DeploymentID listed)
distributor: No
global_lic_exp: 2045-07-12
license_version: 2
machineid: MAC address of server
Expires: 15-Jul-2030
RawBrand: FreePBXDistro
RawID: XXXXXXXX (8 number DeploymentID listed)

…I also “claimed” product by entering the Deployment ID on the portal and clicking “Add a Claim.” After doing this twice, I received “Your organization already has access to this deployment.”

Perhaps this was successful and it takes awhile to populate so I can access it?

Nevermind, you can close this topic as it is now resolved.

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