Freepbx dependence on external services

I installed freepbx distro on hyper-v windows 10 successfully. When I visit the dashboard, i see some ads and I have noticed from the lower left of the browser, that it is connecting to

Is it possible to remove ads and load everything locally so that I do not have to depend on external services? For example if somehow goes down or shutsdown completely, my freepbx project goes completely useless.

I am sure I have conveyed my point

Block it at your firewall and see. I do not think anything becomes “useless” except your dashboard’s blog feed.

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Weren’t there reports of slowness on the dashboard a while back if things were not resolving?

Did that get fixed?

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Which ads are you seeing, and where are you seeing it?

Also, you can disable the RSS feeds in advanced settings.

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There were two - one was a DNS problem and the other was the RSS feed not resolving correctly.

If the RSS feed is removed from the dashboard, that should be resolved.

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Different ads like sip phone and other things related.

On install there are 3-5 ONE TIME splash screens to promote products/services. After they are dismissed there are no more ads and certainly nothing being pushed from ad servers.


But it is still loading something from What is it?

Actually you haven’t… So far your point is if something that is hosting images or some external checks the system will go down. That is BS. People run these systems without them being on the Internet at all and it doesn’t break their systems.

The only thing they can’t do in those cases, update the system because it requires the Internet to connect to remote repos to get the update.

Asterisk doesn’t care if the GUI can’t load a remote file or image. Asterisk doesn’t have a GUI and isn’t dependent of a GUI.



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