FreePBX DDNS... Again

Many months back I wrote about issues with FreePBX DDNS not updating and I have to admit that it is sort of a pain.

My brother had Cox Cable go down for awhile and when it came back, having a dynamic IP from Cox, got a new IP. Cox in the Phx area seem to drop a lot and Internet IP’s change a lot. In any event, for several days his PBX was not reporting the new IP, BUT the correct Internet IP was reported in the box. As a result, “things” just weren’t working well especially IAX. Forcing the new IP will eventually update the DNS servers in an hour or two.

In checking System Admin, DDNS, it showed the correct Internet IP but for some unknown reason it hadn’t updated any DNS servers. This is similar behavior that I wrote about and I think I posted a bug report. It’s been so long I just can’t remember.

Can anyone on the FreePBX team provide some insight into the built in DDNS and what might be happening all to frequently. Seems to take many hours before a DNS update occurs. In this case days and finally had to force it.



I can’t speak to IAX, but PJSIP definitely suffers from dynamic IP address changes. A ticket on this issue has been open for 10 months now, but no action has been taken:

The work-around I posted in that ticket helps considerably.

@reraikes Thanks so much for the reply!

My issue has nothing to do with the IP changing, it has to do with the fact that the correct wan/Internet/Public IP is shown at some point in time after the change in the DDNS setting under Sys Admi. The issue is that the FreePBX DDNS client is not updating in any form of a timely manner. After days of waiting, I did a force be manually entering the same and correct, IP address and submitting it. Then in an hour or two the DNS servers propagated the new IP.

It just has to do with the system not updating the Sangoma server or whatever server is suppossed to update the DNS out in the digital world.

Sometimes I have a hard time describing my issue and hopefully this helps.

Oh… we are also on the most current version SysAdmin Pro and FreePBX distro.


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