FreePBX DDNS address is not working for me, others are

can’t reach my network and PBX with FreePBX DDNS address. Can using my other DDNS service.

FreePBX DDNS address from Sys Admin not resolving to my router. Was using it in Chan SIP DDNS setting. When DDNS failed, killed my SIP call setup. Substituted a working DDNS which fixed problem.

Anyone else using FreePbx DDNS? Is it working for anyone else? No response on this topic, not sure why.

I assume you got your FQDN.

If you can ping it or in case if youblock pings, the ping command should return a string containing your servers IP address. If that is happening, the DDNS service is up and running. If it returns “host does not exist” message, then DDNS does not work. There was a fix made to SystemAdmin pro module about 2 weeks ago which made the DDNS work as it did not work before. Perhaps you should update SysAdmin Pro module. If it is upto date, then you might want to fill a support ticket as this is a paid module and is supported.

If you get pings or IP address correctly, but your SIP does not register, you need to make some changes to “Asterisk SIP Settings” in both, :General SIP settings" and in “Chan SIP” (selections to the right).

In “Generic SIP Settings”, change the External Address box to your FQDN (
In “Chan SIP” page, tick “Dynamic IP address” button and enter the FQDN in the address box below.

When you apply settings from “CAN Sip” the page might give you an error message, just ignore that and go back to “SIP General Settings” page and if the “Apply” button is still available, click it from there. This should make the DDNS thing work.and yuo should be able to register to the server on FQDN address from outside. You can register from inside as well, but only if your router has LAN-WAN Loopback. All todays routers support that. I know that some AT&T uverse modems do not. Work around for that is to have two sip accounts on your device, one pointed to FQDN and another to the Local IP address. So when you are at home, your device will register via Local IP, if you are outside of the LAN, it will register via FQDN. Once again, the only router that I found is crippled by this is an older AT&T Uverse router (2WIRE 3600).


As I said freePBX DDNS does not connect but my other DDNS does. Not sure what the ‘ext-’ was all about. For awhile it was there, now it’s gone. Either way, no connection. PBX runs using my other DDNS.