freepbx_dbug file

Ive had a system in place for a month now and noticed that there is log file named freepbx_dbug that’s grown to 101MB (and still going up quite rapidly)

I’ve had a look inside it and its full of various errors and messages. Is there a way to safely clear this or can I just delete it?

I am no expert but perhaps you should look into the errors. perhaps the error messages are telling you that you have problems that need resolving. if you resolve the problems perhaps the file will stop growing. When you have resolved the problems that are causing the errors my guess is that it would be safe to delete the file.


that file is a debug file mostly used by development. As a general rule you should not have to worry about the content of that file. Some of the messages will print in there no matter what.

The Distro should auto-rotate that file and delete older ones. If not running the distro you may want to auto-rotate it. If nothing is done, the FreePBX handler that writes to it will eventually detect that is has gotten “too” big and will reset it to zero for you. Too big is either about 500MB or about 2G depending on certain conditions.