FreePBX Cyber Weekend Online Deals

FreePBX Cyber Weekend 2017:

Friday Nov 24 at 12:00AM EST until Monday Nov 27 at 11:59PM EST

It’s that time of year again! In the United States the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday sounds like a rather ominous day, however the origins of the term for shopping, goes back to the 1960s and generally indicated a time when the retailer’s books went from “the red” to “the black”.

We now have Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, but here at FreePBX, we thought we’d give you the weekend plus Monday and we’re calling it Cyber Weekend.

We have some big savings on FreePBX Commercial Modules, Training Classes, FAXStation and even some open box specials.

You can find all the details right here:

Happy Shopping from your FreePBX Team!

Did the 25 year EPM license just double in price or have I not been paying attention?


It happened in June/July IIRC…


It does come with an additional module now…

Have a nice day!


Is the EPM the only module that’s now 50% off?

No, many FreePBX 25 Year Licensed Modules, Bundles, Training in December & more are discounted during our Cyber Weekend Sale. Click the link at the bottom of the blog and you’ll see all the deals!

Not seeing Zulu on the list, so there is no discount on that?

Correct Zulu is not a commercial module and not part of the 50% off

If not a commercial module, as what is Zulu classified then?

Zulu is classified as a UC add on. As it’s not a commercial module since it requires a client software and server piece to run.

Thanks. We are budgeting for a large potential Zulu purchase next year. Will the Zulu Mobile App cost extra or be covered with a desktop license?

For FreePBX it is an add-on, if you look at PBXact it is included, which that in itself is a strong reason to look at PBXact for your commercial installs.

Is PBXact only available on dedicated Sangoma hardware?
We have FreePBX HA installed on our own servers and wouldn’t get new hardware.

PBXact is available on our Hardware (warranty on software and hardware) and can be licensed on your own hardware as well (warranty and support on just the software.)

Is it possible to turn a production FreePBX system into PBXact without much downtime?
PBXact comes with a mandatory support contract, is the pricing of that dependent on the number of extensions, and is there a pricing list available?

Just looking to get a general idea of the yearly costs if we were to switch.

If the FreePBX system was installed using the distro (ver 13 and above) then you can license and migrate in place. The price of the support agreement does coincide with the size of the deployment. MSRP pricing is viewable within i the portal store ( .