FreePBX Crashes when I select User Management

I opened a support ticket, yet support seems to feel this is a “support issue” and not a bug or issue.

I have a FreePBX server, set up on AWS. I was editing a user password, and the system crashed. Now any time I select “User Management” the entire server crashed (goes completely off-line, requiring a reboot). Other that that, the entire server and options appear to work.

My question here is, is there a way to reset a user password without using the UI? I have hopes that I can fix this by resetting the user password.

I can find lots of suggestions on how to reset the admin password – how can I reset a user password (presumably from the CLI).

There are no fwconsole commands to edit/delete a userman user. It might help to get some sense of what happens with free memory or disk space when the issue occurs, find out which services are affected, etc. The log files are in /var/log and it’s subdirectories; look in /var/log/messages first to see if there are any breadcrumbs there.

Also, slight point of correction, you opened a bug issue, not a support ticket. Bugs without any meaningful description of the problem or steps to reproduce it get closed as a support issue. If details later emerge indicating an actual bug, you can update your ticket with details.

You can update the mysql…

A quick script to generate a hashed password

Save the above as GenerateUsermanPasswordHash.php

chmod +x ./GenerateUsermanPasswordHash.php

After that you can:

./GenerateUsermanPasswordHash.php BatteryH0rs3Staple!

and that will produce a password hash you can use in the userman database

** General disclaimer… Use of this code is unsupported and may end all human life on earth. Use at your own risk…

First, apologies if I offended. From my experience in test, anything that crashes the entire system we refer to as a bug.

Thank you for the script.

To clarify what I believe Lorne was trying to say. In order for a bug report to gain traction it must be faithfully reproducible by a developer. So there typically must be a reliable flow to the point of failure.

If I do A, B and C it will crash. The developer will try A, B, C. If it doesn’t crash then there is a variable missing or it could be an edge case. Unfortunately they cannot fix something they can’t reproduce reliably. The path to fixing a bug is to reproduce, implement a fix, attempt to reproduce. If they can’t make it happen more than once they cannot typically fix it or test any assumed fix.

The long short of it is a bug (or sometimes feature) is only there if it is reliably reproducible by multiple people on multiple instances.

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