FreePBX Conversion Tool


I currently tried to access the [FreePBX Conversion Tool](https :// as stated in this article: https ://

Upgrading a Hyper-V system is explicitly blacklisted due to compatibility issues when changing from a Non-UEFI image to a UEFI capable image. The only way to upgrade a machine running on HyperV is to create a new machine, and then use the FreePBX Conversion Tool to migrate your complete machine to a new one. This is not a destructive process, and can be run on a production machine at any time.

Unfortunately the link seems to be dead. I urgently need this tool so I can migrate our PBX13 to a new PBX14.

Any help is much appreciated!

Do a backup on the old system. Spin up a new system (FreePBX 15 recommended), restore the backup and see how well your configuration was preserved. If the differences are minor, fix them manually. If major, post details.

The online conversion tool is long deprecated. The backup and restore module in FreePBX version 15+ allows you to restore from a backup made on a legacy version.

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