FreePBX Conversion Tool in-place upgrade

Tried to see if this topic was covered - no luck. Ditching Elastix (which has FreePBX 2.11.04 in it). Started following instructions for Conversion Tool and realized it assumes you are moving to new machine. I would like it on existing machine (an appliance with a Sangoma PSTN card). Do I just go through the motions in instructions with a new box (spare PC) and when complete, cpio or tar the whole thing over to existing original (donor)appliance? Part of procedure has the new machine registering (activated), but ultimately I would like the donor to be the activated machine with new FreePBX.

There is no upgrade in place to the Distro from Elastix, so you will have to migrate to temporary hardware. When you are happy with all the setup on the temp hardware, install the same ver on the existing hardware then use backup and restore to move everything back.

Thanks! I was thinking that may be the direction. Then after I have activated the temp setup, I will have to deactivate once the existing hardware is back online and activate that one. I read somewhere there are limited chances for activation. Appreciated your quick response.

You can move your deployment twice yourself:

After that you will need to open a support ticket with customer service to get a reset.

Easier said than done. I’m going to have to PUTTY into the machine to change ip settings because I am getting ‘unable to display activation page’ ‘Resolving timed out’. It is a catch 22 because the network module is in sysadmin, which I cannot get because I am not activated. I’ll figure it out…

I 'm good. Changed to static with PUTTY and then rebooted. Now I am activated!

Thanks again for your help.

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