FreePBX-Compatible Phones With Keyboard

I’ve been looking around but haven’t had much luck yet, but are there phones compatible with FreePBX that have a QWERTY keyboard built-in or as an attachment?

I have not had much luck with setting up a directory in FreePBX and seems kind of clunky. One of the features of some of our Alcatel phones (usually I reserve these phones for secretaries or school admins) is easy “dial by name” using a built-in keyboard.

Is “dial by name” without having to call into a directory something that is even possible with FreePBX? I’m guessing not, but thought it would be worth asking.



Very happy with my

but any android based SIP phone will have an embedded keyboard, further a usb connected keyboard would also function.

(you can also watch netflix or listen to NetRadio when not otherwise busy, inbound calls spring to the foreground, pausing any background app, you want zoom or jitsi?, you have playstore)

I like @dicko’s recommendation.

Thank you both! I will look through these options and see what seems best. They definitely look pretty snazzy, I’d be a bit worried about them getting broken (at least one school has had a rowdy student in their main office twice who has thrown things around and they just step out of his way and call the police for assistance). At least that’s a rarity. If it was a classroom that I were to put one in, that’s different, I wouldn’t even do that.

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