Freepbx command line auto login

Hi community,

I just would like to know how to make the command line interface to auto login?

Not the web administrator, I am talking about the command line, the one about root user

Any guest?

Thank you all

For remote logins using ssh, copy your ssh public key to the pbx, In your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file disable root login . While your in that file uncomment and chsnge the port to a random number above 1023.
You should google this for further OS specific recipes.

For the physical console you need to add that option to the init process of one of your tty’s that would depend on your OS and version

Hi dicko,

Thanks for your response, Yes I am talking about the the option on the tty’s.

I am using the official distro from the site.

How could I enable on the tty?

No quite sure if I should comment here or on the blog but it is not working for me.

When trying to se the “ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty -a USERNAME %I 38400” it prompts -a is not a command, tried autologin, with no success.

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