FreePBX codecs

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What is the downside of not having the “digiumaddoninstaller”? I read something about missing G.729 for example.

The digiumaddoninstaller module features are broken now, and it never did do anything that you can’t just do manually.

Speaking about codecs, what codecs are available on a Debian based system?

As many as in redhat based distros.

I thought the codecs are installed by separate packages, for example g729. But maybe I misunderstood how this works with FreePBX and they are included with the .tar file/acquired during install.

Another question I have is how to update FreePBX itself. Can this be done via webinterface?

If you are debian based, be careful with “depending” on the gooey for updates, I suggest you start with

fwconsole --help
fwconsole ma --help 

from a shell

Thank you, I think I get it now. The core of FreePBX can also be updated through the Module Admin (“FreePBX Framework”).

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