FreePBX, Cisco 7960, and Linksys Sipura SPA-3000 problem

I have Latest Version of Asterisk, and FreePBX installed, 4 Cisco 7960s, and 1 linksys SipURA SPA-3000 thing installed in my house.

For the most part everything works great, and had minimal problems getting everything working the way i want…Except:

occasionally on an incoming call, the analog phone(extension 310) that i have plugged into the linksys will have one -LONG- ring, and when you go to answer it, you don’t get connected to the incoming call, you get a dial tone, and i’m not sure what happens to the caller, because all other extensions stop ringing.

(i only have a PTSN line, no other trunks for now, if i could find them cheap enough, i would not mind adding service for outgoing calls only)

i also have a random issue of caller ID not showing up (Answer time is at 7 now, I’ve been creeping it up from 3)

other then that, i love FreePBX and Asterisk, and if i could just get these couple issues resolved, with WAF(wife acceptance factor) would increase. I’ve got a limited amount of time, before i’m ‘ordered’ to rip the crap out of the house)

what information can i provide, and thank you in advance.

no one has any ideas?

the ‘constant ring’ on the analog phones seems to be getting worse, i’ve made no configuration changes, and dont understand why i get the constant ring.

by constant ring, i mean the phone doesnt ring…pause…ring…it rings. rings rings, no interruption.

it does not do this all the time, but often enough to be anoying.

also, when you answer the call, it has nothing their, but the other phones keep ringing.