FreePBX changes its admin site port after an upgrade

This has happened to me twice now. The system informs you it needs an update. I go via the update module on the admin site and all seems to go to plan. I restart the system and then I don’t get access to the admin site. Other than that the PBX is working and routing calls.

The first time this happened it caused much consternation. After tracing back various config files I found the ./etc/httpd/conf.d/schmoozecom.conf and discovered the web port had been changed to 2000. I was then able to login and change everything back to the defaults through the system admin / port management tool.

The next time it happened I obviously knew where to look and was able to work around this very quickly. The port was 2001 (an increment of 1…).

I just thought I’d share it in case other people have experienced the same thing and if they’ve got any further than the workaround I’ve described.

After some googling I’ve discovered other people (on other sites) who have experienced something similar but have given up and just reinstalled all from scratch. Seems a bit over the top for something that literally takes 2 mins to fix!

That could present a problem for people that are using Chan-SCCP-B and Skinny phones, since the phones communicate with the server on port 2000.

This sounds really sketchy. Have you submitted a ticket?

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