FreePBX - Change dynamically CallerID

I would want to make a system that when someone call me on PBX, i see his number and not the trunk number. How is it possible?
P.S. I need this feature because i have setup FollowMe and i want to know who is calling me.

FreePBX works like this out of the box, provided you’ve configured your trunks and outbound routes to pass any CID. Your provider must support it.

I see on Asterisk logs and CDR reports that Outbound CID is set but i see always trunk number on my cellphone. I wrote to my provider and it answered that is not supported, but they have a Forwarding feature that when you call the VoIP number, you see on your phone the caller number and not your VoIP number.

There are many providers that do support this, including SIPStation.

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