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FreePBX - Change dynamically CallerID

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I would want to make a system that when someone call me on PBX, i see his number and not the trunk number. How is it possible?
P.S. I need this feature because i have setup FollowMe and i want to know who is calling me.

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FreePBX works like this out of the box, provided you’ve configured your trunks and outbound routes to pass any CID. Your provider must support it.


I see on Asterisk logs and CDR reports that Outbound CID is set but i see always trunk number on my cellphone. I wrote to my provider and it answered that is not supported, but they have a Forwarding feature that when you call the VoIP number, you see on your phone the caller number and not your VoIP number.

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There are many providers that do support this, including SIPStation.

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