FreePBX can't connect to Asterisk - CentOS 6 Fresh Install

This post seems to cover the exact same problem -

however while it says what he did to fix it, it doesn’t actually share the configurations needed.

I followed this guide -

on a brand new fresh CentOS 6 Installation on a Virtual Machine.

Everything goes great during installation, which is wicked BTW, but it says that FreePBX can’t connect to Asterisk.

There are two questions in the provided topic link.

  1. Are both Apache and Asterisk running as same user, while I am 90% sure they are, how can I check this.
  2. More then likely I need to enable an ACL to allow AMI to connect via Localhost in the manager.conf

Can I get an example of this configuration?

All the last poster says is, I fixed it by editing manager.conf… I wish he had left his config. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry I can’t add links because I am new.

did you try rebooting the system. we see this occasionally and simply rebooting fixes the issue.

I am a support Technician / Network OPs guy for a living, I know to try that first lol, Thank you tho! I am hopefully with the fast response of this forum that I can get this resolved

did you try manually starting asterisk?

Yes, I will post cat /full later, I am away ATM, but it said user “admin” failed to authenticate at

[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] loader.c: => (True Call Queueing)
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] loader.c: Loading
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] manager.c: Manager registered action DeviceStateList
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] loader.c: => (Manager Device State Topic Forwarder)
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] loader.c: Loading
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] manager.c: Manager registered action PresenceStateList
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] loader.c: => (Manager Presence State Topic Forwarder)
[2016-05-12 14:35:45] VERBOSE[1805] asterisk.c: Asterisk Ready.
[2016-05-12 14:36:45] NOTICE[2088] manager.c: failed to authenticate as ‘admin’

That means the contents of /etc/asterisk/manager.conf doesn’t match what is set in FreePBX’s Admin->Advanced Settings -> Asterisk Manager settings

Make them Match


# Asterisk Manager User
# Default Value: admin

# Asterisk Manager Password
# Default Value: amp111



secret = amp111

Mine had some sort of hash that wasn’t flying so I set to default and it worked

Woah. ‘amp111’ is a well known password. Don’t use that.

Do this:

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=9 count=1 | base64

Take the random string that that generated and put it in both places.

This is for testing, I am well aware of the risks of default password, plus the point was to get it to connect then work on changing it. BUT Thank you for your advice, I hadn’t look at the GUI yet, only the manager.conf, so I was able to figure this out after loggin into the web.