Freepbx cannot be activated


I have a problem with my freepbx, everything is configured correctly but when I call my number I get a message saying: The number dialed is not in service.

At first I thought it was my phone provider but I contacted them and they said everything was fine.

For me, the problem is that I can’t activate freepbx in the System Activation interfaces, so when I click on acvtiver nothing happens at all.

Thanks for your help

Why are you trying to get into sysadmin for that? The only thing that would help with the issue you are running into with not being able to call the number would be white listing the IPs of your provider. Have you confirmed the correct ports are open the the provider’s proxies?
As for the activation issue, I have seen issues with that due to firewall settings as well as specific browsers… one specific time on a new build I had to reboot the server and then I was able to activate, but that was the only time that ever happened.

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