FreePBX can support TLS/SRTP?

hi all,

Please help me about this question.
FreePBX can support TLS/SRTP?

Thanks so much!

Thanks. but, I also searched this link.
I can’t find “ast_tls_cert” script in the “contrib/scripts” in my FreePBX. Please let me know how to fix.

I think you will need to build asterisk from sour e at this point in time to get it all working.

I installed Asterisk on Ubuntu as below:

ubuntuCLI> core show version
Asterisk built by buildd @ panlong on a i686 running Linu x on 2012-10-09 20:10:53 UTC
Disconnected from Asterisk server
[email protected]:~# ls /etc/asterisk/keys/
asterisk.crt asterisk.csr asterisk.key asterisk.pem ca.cfg ca.crt ca.key malcolm.crt malcolm.csr malcolm.key malcolm.pem tmp.cfg
[email protected]:~#

but I can’t register user from Blink to Asterisk via TLs

Please give me some advices!


Not really anything to do with FreePBX, from the link:-

. . . Digium hosts several places for the community to ask questions and help each other out. You might try your question on the asterisk-users list or #asterisk IRC channel: or the forums at . . .