FreePBX calls

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How many simultaneous calls FreePBX can handle with good hardware ??

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The answer really is, depending on the hardware.

With that being said, the more extensions you have and the more BLF subscriptions you have will contribute to the system overload.

There are tools to stress test Asterisk.

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Please give and example of this tool, so I can test

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I use this as a guide for building our own machines.


Call capacity is greatly affected by transcoding, recording, encryption and in-band DTMF. With all of these options on and transcoding Opus, capacity can drop by a factor of 10. As above but transcoding between g722 and ulaw/alaw, a factor of 4. Recording only, a factor of 2.

OTOH, if Asterisk does not need to process the audio at all, and if your devices and network permit, Direct Media allows audio to flow directly between extension and trunk, resulting in ‘unlimited’ call capacity (all extensions can call simultaneously).

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